'He querido iluminarme a la luz de mi falta de luz' Alejandra Pizarnik
I'm haunting light forms. Playing with the shadows, those cast by the darkness that opposes to light. I work behind the scenes so there is an 'On' stage where plays can 'be'
I’m a multidisciplinary Artist. I love working with different techniques and trying experimental ones. I love all kind of integrations: Live action, Design, 3D, Stop Motion, inks, textures, papers, organics, etc. 
I have a natural flair for Compositing and I'm passionate about Lighting. Retro analog formats are a must. Grunge and dark atmospheres I like. 
Director, Designer & Animator 
I’m constantly looking for the beauty behind the darkness.
Specialized in Main Title Design & Motion Design Sequences for Films & Television and Motion Based video for Modern Brands/ Forward thinking Projects. 

'Woman in Stairway' Series · (C) vanvelvet - 2018 
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