Coming from the shadows and stepping into the light, we have made a Cult to the light

Turn on the flame. Believe. Create. 
Cinematic vision and Design Thinking. 

We help the Film Independent Industry, Documentaries, and TV Productions to produce 
Cinematic and/or tailored Motion design content in the form of 

Opening Title sequences, Title design, Motion content, Animated Sequences, Motion & Visual Identity Packages, Music Videos, Video Production, Broadcast Design, Promos, and Idents. 


If you feel this is for you, 
we partner with you on your mission to deliver 
strategic motion design content that builds your 
Visual Identity. 

Worshipers of beliefs, we blend into your vision and help you shine in your own way. 
Let's talk! 
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Julieta Melone. PR & Comms Specialist
Julieta Melone. PR & Comms Specialist
Vanvelvet. Founder & Creative Director
Vanvelvet. Founder & Creative Director
If you have a Film, Documentary, TV, or Audiovisual production, and you want Motion Content that helps you build a solid Visual Identity to break into the Industry and thrive, we can help! 
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