Hey there! Vanvelvet here. Welcome to VANVELVET STUDIO
You can call me Van. I'm the Film Director, Title & Motion Designer specializing in creating cinematic motion content for Entertainment and High-end Independent Film, Music & TV Industry.  

Focused on Designing Cinematic Motion pieces for Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, and TV, VANVELVET STUDIO is the place where we produce Motion design packages or solo pieces for your project in the form of Main Titles, Animated sequences, Broadcast design, Idents, Music videos, and Brand films that build Visual Identity.

At VANVELVET STUDIO we explore and experiment with different techniques mastering all types of integrations producing live-action, 2D, and Mixed Media to create worlds and atmospheres with a cinematic vision. 

The special flair with add to your Productions is the cinematic vision embedded with design thinking which is a powerful combination when creating Design Identity for the projects. 

We know each Film, Video, Broadcast project, or Brand has its unique way to be, and its own personality. so by understanding who you are, we create the Visual Storytelling that is right and ONLY for you. 

WHAT WE DO AT VANVELVET STUDIO  IS Main Titles, Animated sequences, Broadcast design, Idents, Music videos, and Brand films.

Basically, it's producing Motion Design with a Cinematic flair. 

Designing Motion Pieces is about making use of Design thinking, Animation freedom, and Cinematography.
Again, this means we think like designers focusing on the message or vibe we want to send across, we free our souls by diving into the endless opportunities animation gives us to tell stories in unique ways, and we embed these into the Cinematic Vision that comes from understanding Camera and Lighting work. 

This is what happens when you mix Design, Animation, Cinematography, Direction, and Digital Compositing.
'Woman in Stairway' Series · (C) vanvelvet - 2018 
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