"Haunting light forms. Playing with the shadows, those who have been cast by the darkness that opposes to light. The work remains behind the scenes so there is an 'On' stage where plays can 'be'"

Vanvelvet · Title & Motion Design Studio is specialized in Main Title Design & Motion Design for Digital, Films & Television and Motion Based video for Modern Brands/ Forward thinking Projects.
Vanvelvet is a multidisciplinary Artist. She loves working with different techniques and experiments.  She comes from a Cinema background, that is reflected in the cinematic eye for lighting and composition. She moves between Live action and photography, underpinning her Design Style based on compositing. From handmade craft to any type of digital elements she creates worlds and atmospheres out of the combination of multiple forms. 

'Woman in Stairway' Series · (C) vanvelvet - 2018 
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