P001 - Establish Shot. 

Contrast is a Design Principle, yes. So, we start here, talking about Contrast to get to the Cinematic point of view of that Principle. Contrast add values and can be create from different premises. So now, let's talk about Drama. 
Contrast creates Drama. Form the perspective of Storytelling, Conflict creates Drama. 
Conflict is the core element when creating a Story. From a Motion Designer point of view, we can translate the core concept of storytelling by using a powerful Design Principle: Contrast.

Contrast creates Drama. Conflict creates Drama.
Contrast creates Tension. Conflict creates Tension. 

Emphasis to a shape or character with the objective of trigger feelings, convey messages, engage with the Audience. And from there, we can develop the conflict and drive our character or shape throughout its journey or battle. 
So, blending the Principles of Design we need to create our Design Boards with the Cinematic concepts, in this case, Storytelling, we can trigger our unique and powerful visual language. As Motion Designers, we are the medium that links Design, Animation and Cinema transforming all of them in a new language. 
Motion Design uses the power of each discipline to speak its own language.