A woman goes up in the stairway, a woman who has lost the metropolitan self that defines her. She is trying to fit in those new places, silently calling the vague sense of the pale concrete and giant shadows. 
Metropolitan spirit is fading away. But she goes. She chases those empty shapes the city had left printed in her eyes.
City it is.
Going to a nowhere place. Silently haunting the metropolitan soul that I have lost during the last decade. Darkness is all around me, swallowing my native nature. I’ve come from a place that is vanishing. My memories are weak. I’m starting to fulfilling the void with the desires. Where am I going? Should I continue going? Or Should I stop and let the roots evolve toward a mechanism of substitutions? 
Subtle. Almost blending with a nowhere land. A feeling of “not belonging”. Is just the absence of the city, the pale grey of the concrete what it is missing? Is it just me breathing too much air? 
Mountains draw multiples shapes into my eyes. Empty shapes. The wild is giant void. I start to slow down... barely moving, going the same path over and over.
Woman in the stairway 

WITS was born a decade ago with a photo taken in the stairs of a place that recalled me to "The Truman Show" film. The place had the sense of  a fake scenario: a short stairs leading to a small door. 
I wanted to have that photo: Going up towards a little door that lead you to the reality (since we live in a fantasy world as Truman Show) 
I started to use that picture as my own identity image as an Artist. And slowly, it becomes a project hunting stairways that possible lead me to my true self: that metropolitan girl lost between places. An empty feeling risen from my guts, searching the lost pieces that were building the inner Metropolis who makes my "be". 

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