Do you fit in? I don't
You walked through the light as a Stranger. 
People look at you and wonder: Who is this one? 


So you can either
 blend in and flow with the trends or be "the one". 
Raise your voice. Be the contrast. 
We design all the Motion content in your film, from Titles, sequences, and GFX animations to Credits focused on crafting a bold Visual identity that helps you be "the One" among the many. We say: Be the contrast.  
From Dark genres, Drama, Suspense, Horror, Terror, Crime, Thrillers, and any genre exploring the dark side of the human soul or the world to Documentaries about history, dramas, and all human trouble, we craft visual identities in Motion with Strategic Thinking helping you to raise your voice. 
· Animation & Design with Cinematic flair
· Visual Identity
· Brand strategy
Main or End title sequences and Motion design packages including animated sequences, graphic animations, lower thirds, supers, on-screen animation, and idents.

Animation | Design | Concept Design | Live-action | Mixed media | Deck & Presentation designs |  Social Media promo content | Poster design 

If you have a Film, Documentary, or Series,  
we partner with you on your mission delivering 
strategic motion design content that builds your 
Visual Identity. ​​​​​​​
Let's talk! 
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Vanvelvet · Creative Director & Motion designer
Vanvelvet · Creative Director & Motion designer
Amin Dar · Lead Animator
Amin Dar · Lead Animator
Juan R Mon· Illustrator & Animator
Juan R Mon· Illustrator & Animator
If you have a Film, Documentary, TV, or Audiovisual production, and you want Motion Content that helps you build a solid Visual Identity to break into the Industry and thrive, we can help! 
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