Turn on the flame. Believe. Create. 
Film, Documentaries, and TV Productions across European countries including the UK. 
Especially interest in Nordik Films & TV productions. 

Dark genres, Drama, Suspense, Horror, Terror, Crime, Thrillers, and any genre exploring the dark side of the human soul or the world are our specialties. Sci-Fi and Futuristic genres are included. On the documentaries side, history, dramas, and all human trouble related, we can give our best. 

We are open to partnerships with post-production houses, and film production companies. 
Always in the look of Film Directors, Film Producers, and Showrunners with new upcoming projects. ​​​​​​​
Dark, Cinematic, and/or Tailored visual narratives in Title sequences & Motion design content and packages shaping the Visual Identity of Films, Documentaries & Television. 

Title design and Motion design content offer a visual identity to the production that can be used in the entire life of the Film. As a Director-driven studio, we offer unique artistic content to help you thrive in the Market.

From the initial phase when creating a pitch deck and teaser to get investors or get funded to the final phase when marketing the film in social media, posters, trailer production, and distribution channels including TV, Film Festivals, and Film Markets. We are your Visual Identity partner during the life of your production crafting all your Motion design and Graphics so you can pitch, produce and promote your film. ​​​​​​​
Main or End title sequences and Motion design packages including animated sequences, graphic animations, lower thirds, supers, animation over footage, and idents) for your Films, Documentaries, and TV series. 
Animation, Design, Concept Design, Live-action, Hand-crafted Photography-based design exploring and experimenting with a wide range of techniques and mixed media. Pitch deck designs, Styleframes, Social Media promotional content, Poster design, Promo covers, and Trailers.

If you have a Film, Documentary, or TV show production,  
we partner with you on your mission to deliver 
strategic motion design content that builds your 
Visual Identity. ​​​​​​​
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Vanvelvet · Creative Director & Motion designer
Vanvelvet · Creative Director & Motion designer
Amin Dar · Lead Animator
Amin Dar · Lead Animator
Juan R Mon· Illustrator & Animator
Juan R Mon· Illustrator & Animator
We are a team of Artists located around the world with a passion for Films, Documentaries, and Television projects. 

We are specialized in Visual content for Entertainment Industry such as
Main title sequences, Motion design content, Idents, Promo Videos, and Music videos. 

The scope or our work includes animation, illustration, design, hand-crafted and experimental techniques, compositing, and live action with a focus on creating unique and cinematic visual narratives and Motion design content for your projects. 

Dark genres are our favorites and we are passionate about Documentaries, although we fall in love with every one of the projects we choose to do and all of them are made with care and love. 
If you have a Film, Documentary, TV, or Audiovisual production, and you want Motion Content that helps you build a solid Visual Identity to break into the Industry and thrive, we can help! 
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