Create a short promo video in an extremely short timeline to be presented at the time of GitHub Universe event in San Francisco. 

For potential buyers to understand an overview of what AI VERSE is and what is it for, the client wanted a video that combines AI technology in the making with human force. The goal was to start creating an animated video that combines both AI and Humans in the process and later on, develop a workflow to produce animated videos using only AI tools.

Using AI technology to serve as the creative force, we found issues, detours, solutions, and solutions. 
Even though using an automated process can save money and time, humans are needed to review, evaluate, edit, and produce quality work. There is a big difference when producing a piece that communicates a message and is looking to be intentional.

Working against the clock in such a short time scope was the most challenging part of this project. We required at least two more animation passes to make sure we were delivering the right output being intentional and communicating the right message. But it was not possible to access this. So the result won't show the expertise we promised and we expected. Still, we are proud of the amount of work we achieved with the team and the budget given in such a short period of time. 
We went through a period of research and testing to produce a workflow that imitates our typical animation production workflow. 
Some of the tools gave us positive results, some others were used only as references or for testing. 

Some of the tools we used and/or tested were: 

Jasper, ChatGPT4, Runaway, Synthesia, D-ID, Canva + D-ID, Eleven labs, Wav2Lip, Hey Gen, Leonardo, Taskade, Midjourney, Looka, Designs AI, Click Up, Tome, Kaiber, Stable Diffusion as Plugin for PS, Invideo, Lumen 5, Stable Diffusion + Leia Pix, Pictory, Filmora
Creative Direction: Vanvelvet
Script: Nashelly Magallanes, ChatGPT4
AI tools researchers: Anousha Choudhary, Yash Desai, Vanvelvet
Art Direction: Yash Desai
Animation: Amin Rocking, Yash Desai
Sound Design: Cristian Estrella
VO: Eleven Labs

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