'In a world that is following its logic, a man returns home to write his story' 
We agreed on creating a Surreal world. That was the name I gave to the proposal Roy and Cliff choose from three different options I've presented to them. The turn around was really quick. We had just one month to complete the project from the idea to final delivery. 
We had to change and adjust some original ideas to fit everything within the tight schedule with christmas holidays in the middle. 
I wanted to explore a Surreal styele within certain logic and real approach. 

My initial idea was to use old film tricks, but in the end, we mainly went for Compositing work in several shots.  

In a world that is following its logic, a man returns home to write his story. 
With a broken heart, he searches his way back home.

Greys background, simple shapes: the man searches to the limit, till there is nothing more or less.

The story is represented in a circular fashion where the man is writing the story at home while he is searching his way back home. He is falling, falling deep, catching his breath to finally returns to the original scene where he is writing the story.

Starting from the end, the man will be collecting his experiences to finally arrives at the first place where he sets up the writing scene to complete his canvas.

The first day we rent a Ronin-M which is really cool, but it was acting up and sadly, we had to return it.  In exchange for it, we had a Zhiyun Crane. I was happily surprise how easy it is to set up and get the hang of it. I loved it. 
The shooting lasted for 4 days. The last day we were shooting in an amazing location near Barcelona. A park called Can Solei-Ca l'Arnús. 
We needed a place to represent his home, water reflections, a location where he could be walking in the water, a trees path, and a very special tree where he could be hanging upside down. Finally, the shot where he was hanging from the tree didn't make to the final version of the video. 
Many things didn't go as we were expecting, even though some VFX were indeed planned, some other shots that were supposed to be shot in green screen ended up being shot in a grey one! Oh god, that was hard! So, here a pick through some of the those shots.

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