Mariel is an experimental fiction film made it in Super8. The story is told in 12 acts.
Mariel is a young naif girl who lives and works in an industrial colony. She is bored with her daily life. One day she decides to change her routine. But something goes wrong and she doesn't say a word about it...
Mariel is a Drama Noir that faces the consequences of being a woman in an industrial colony around the 40s
XAL and LACAMARA production
Written & Directed by Vanvelvet
Producer: Olga Cámara
Photography: Federico Juárez
Art Direction: Yaiza Lorenzo Kristensen
Music: León Bertone
Titles Design: Muyi Neira & Vanvelvet
Featuring Núria Florensa & Noé Blancafort
Mariel is a TV series produced by XAL & LaCamara. It has been broadcasted by Xarxa de Televisions Locals de Catalunya (XAL), by DO (Denominació de Origen) show during the Winter season of 2011.
Afterwards, Mariel has been edited as a 60 min film.  
Wolves Independent International Film Awards, Utena - 2016

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