The brief was so clear in this case. The client had a specific request wanting the new logo to be a shield containing elements that symbolize the things they do and the approach they have overall. 
As the brief was so specific and the client's vision was so strong, the challenge was bringing on a proposal that effectively fit into his vision. We wanted to present a design that was scalable to become a design system.
We worked around a concept that highlights the creative and technical parts of film-making and how Christopher acts as the link between them. It will be achieved by showing a shield divided into two parts i.e. Creativity and Technical (also called as 'Party per Pale') and a 'T' symbolizing Christopher and Tenacity joining those two parts.
Creative Direction: Vanvelvet
Art Direction: Yash Desai
Visual Identity Design: Yash Desai
Animation, VFXs & Compositing: Yash Desai
Sound Design: Matthias Moreno

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